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Water Audit Surveys offer the following additional services through our Working Partners. These services are designed to improve water efficiency, water savings and water cost reductions. They are provided and charged directly from the Partner Businesses.
  1. Water supply leak detection and repair.
  2. Water supply pipe-lining, repair or replacement.
  3. CCTV survey – water supply and / or drainage survey with video evidence of conditions found.
  4. Foul and storm water pumping station assessment, remediation and maintenance.
  5. Drainage re-planning to reduce storm water discharge costs.
  6. Integrated storm water and harvesting solutions for re-use in appropriate applications (suitable for retrofit and new build / re-development).
  7. Water balance calculation and reporting.
  8. Consumption reduction devices – taps, toilets, urinals and showers. Supply only or can include fitting.
  9. Strategic water planning. Water management strategy and employee engagement.
  10. Rainwater and grey-water harvesting and re-use technology.
  11. Alternative water sources: borehole or river abstraction, harvesting etc. and integration into site water plan.
  12. Flood risk assessment (FRA) for planning, building and development purposes.
  13. Fire water planning (flow, volume and duration) for health, safety and environmental purposes or to satisfy discharge of a planning consent.
  14. Storm drainage re-development to eliminate nuisance pooling and ponding
  15. Pollution prevention controls to meet environmental pollution law.
  16. AMR smart meters and sub-metering solutions – providing data to help effective decision making.
  17. Flow meter installation to assess usage in individual areas of a building, AMR capable.
  18. Underground drainage asset mapping in CAD.
  19. Multi-utility identification and mapping in CAD.
  20. New build / redevelopment support - design and development of water supply infrastructure and drainage to minimise future operation costs. Specify washroom products to minimise future water consumption.
  21. Capital Allowances and Enhanced Capital Allowances – where projects and activities qualify then appropriate allowances can be made. This specialist service goes beyond that which normal accountancy practices can generate.
  22. Water Sampling
  23. Legionella risks from advice to full risk assessments
  24. Trade Effluent advice on non-conformity checks
  25. Ground source heat pumps advice