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The total savings achieve from the start of the project in January 2018 is £180,000 per annum. Sites have been investigated from high water usage identified from the bills. Leaks and internal inefficiencies were the cause.  

The network of contractors were closely managed to fix all issues and eradicate all leaks internally and externally. Latest project is to install 100 water loggers for close management of water consumption from their current portfolio of nearly 500 sites.

Euro Garages Case Study Key Facts


Euro Garages


Various locations


External leaks and inefficiencies


  • Water and waste cost reduction
  • Analysis of bills, tariffs, charges
  • Surface water drainage cancellation, reduction and redesign
  • Water leak find and fix
  • Negotiation of maximum refunds
  • AMR loggers and improved water management
  • Trade effluent assessments and cost reduction
  • Specifiers of efficient water products
  • Full water audit capability