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Drainage investigations resulted in over 80% of the site draining to a natural watercourse.  Our findings were submitted to the water company and the first offer was a refund of £8,000.  Intense negotiations resulted in a refund of £255,442.

The client is now enjoying the ongoing benefit of a £40,615 per annum saving on their surface water drainage charges.  This is the third largest refund we have organised and the largest for a direct customer.  Over £10,000,000 in surface water drainage refunds to date

Birmingham Business Park Case Study Key Facts


Property Management Company




Surface water drainage


  • Water and waste cost reduction
  • Analysis of bills, tariffs, charges
  • Surface water drainage cancellation, reduction and redesign
  • Water leak find and fix
  • Negotiation of maximum refunds
  • AMR loggers and improved water management
  • Trade effluent assessments and cost reduction
  • Specifiers of efficient water products
  • Full water audit capability