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A leak was found and fixed using 72 litres per minute or 37,843 m³ of water loss per annum at a cost of £98,040.

Internal water loggers were installed in each stand and the AMR showed night time usage of 8 litres per minute. Toilets overflowing and urinal cistern constantly filling and flushing were to blame. Efficient equipment such as the Pressataps are being installed to save the client a further £10,800 per annum.
Further works include installing valves to remotely turn off supplies after each match will help further reduce NCFC water and waste costs.

Notts County Football Club Case Study Key Facts


Nottingham County Football Club




External leak


  • Water and waste cost reduction
  • Analysis of bills, tariffs, charges
  • Surface water drainage cancellation, reduction and redesign
  • Water leak find and fix  Negotiation of maximum refunds
  • AMR loggers and improved water management
  • Trade effluent assessments for cost reduction
  • Specifiers of efficient water products
  • Full water audit capability