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Water Audit Surveys has formed a formidable UK wide team in the water leak detection, find and fix business. We act quickly to mitigate water escape costs and damage to your property. We complete an initial leak identification survey to confirm there is water loss then accurately pinpoint an area where the leak is located.

Methods used include:

  • Acoustic 
  • Correlation
  • Tracer Gas
  • "Ferret" and other well tested leak equipment

The same team will find the problem area, excavate and locate the leak, fix the leak and then reinstate the area to how it was before.  Our accurate leak detection service reduces the expense of unnecessary excavations and loss of water and therefore revenue. The cost of the service is also reduced due to less labour time on site.

The team have a wealth of knowledge and we pride ourselves on the fast reaction, regular customer liaison and most importantly the highly experienced and customer focused leak utility teams. We can also advise on how best to monitor your usage from regular reads to smart metering and accessing the usage from the comfort of your office.

Complex projects have been completed such as finding leaks on a failed dry riser within a shopping centre. A leak on a retail park for Crown Estates where the supply was 250m long.
Often the leak is fixed and the water finds the next weak point, if your network is finding new leaks we can complete a cost analysis and relay the water network for the whole site.

Having dealt with the water companies for so many years we have the contacts to maximize any refunds for lost water where possible.

We have formed a partnership with D & G Utilities from years of successfully working together. We can now provide additional work to water leakage, these include:

  • Water and gas mains laid, installed and connected.
  • All water and gas engineering works incl. water meters, water sub meters, valves, assessments
  • Fire hydrant service, repairs and test.
  • Lagging of pipes incl. heat tracer wire.
  • Full reinstatement service including reinforcement, concrete, tarmac and alll specialist surfaces.

Have the confidence to contact the first choice leak detection and water engineering service in the UK.

Why not take us on for a Water Audit to assess if you have any water inefficiences, this process of surveying your site includes leak identification.

Call me on 07984 687562


Richard Butler

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